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For many children, and their tired parents, bedtime can be one the most dreaded times of day. Parents have often endured their child’s clever tactics to delay going to bed: tantrums, pleas for water or milk and more. So, what can parents do? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a simple and clear message for parents: Brush, Book, Bed.
The purpose of the Brush, Book, Bed (BBB) Program is to link together three important nighttime routines in one health message while educating families about the importance of routines, oral health, early literacy and sleep.
Locally, the program is designed to integrate the principles of the Brush, Book, Bed program into WIC sites where services are currently being provided via Advantage Dental’s Expanded Practice Permit Dental Hygienists (EPDHs). EPDHs provide oral health and risk assessments, prevention services, oral health education, nutritional counseling, and anticipatory guidance, and will now educate parents on the importance of nightly routines, as well as provide the family with toothbrush kits and a book appropriate to the age of the child. Another important feature of this program is that Advantage Dental’s Case Management team will connect patients who have high dental needs to appropriate dental care utilizing existing community resources.
The program officially launches in Bend and Redmond this month with support from Advantage Dental, the Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon and the United Way of Deschutes County. For more information contact Mary Ann Wren, Advantage Dental at (541) 504-3941 or visit www.liveunitedco.org/brush