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Amanda Smith, MountainStar

Amy Howell, Central Oregon Community College

Brenda Comini, Early Learning Hub

DeeAnn Lewis, Family Resource Center

Diane Murray-Fleck, Healthy Beginnings

Diane Tipton, High Desert ESD, EI/ECSE

Dianna Hansen, Central Oregon Disability Support Network

Dulce Pelayo, Early Learning Hub

Edie Jones, Together for Children

Hillary Saraceno, Deschutes County

Jeanna Darnell, Chastain and Associates

Jen Rusk, TRACEs

Kara Tachikawa, MountainStar

Karen Prow, NeighborImpact Child Care Resources

Katie Ahern, OSU–Extension

Kelly Sullins, Children’s Forest of Central Oregon

Kendall Crump, MountainStar

Kim Brown, NeighborImpact – Head Start, Early Head Start

Kim Hatfield, Friends of the Children

Laura Spaulding, Deschutes County WIC

Lori Colvin, Healthy Families of the High Desert

Nancy Gurley, High Desert ESD, EI/ECSE

Nona Armstrong, Friends of the Children

Pamela Ferguson, Deschutes County

Patty Wilson, NeighborImpact

Rosa Cendejas, Family Resource Center

Sarah Guilfoy, Healthy Beginnings, Heart 2 Heart

Sarah Peterson, Deschutes County

Tim Rusk, MountainStar